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Why you should JOIN ME ON A workshop ?

Much more than a simple photo tour.
These workshops are specifically designed for you to improve your 

I've lived in the desert of Arizona for the past 4 years and have an unconditional admiration for this incredible environment. Over the years, I've built a great knowledge and understanding of its inhabitants and it's my honor to share this incredible experience with you. 

Being part of my workshops is more than just me bringing you to iconic locations of the Southwest. On this incredible photographic experience, I will share the culture of the local people of the desert and show you why there is so many myths and stories about these incredible part of the World. 

Workshops are called 'Masterclass' because joining me on one of them is a unique occasion to learn everything about wildlife and landscape photography but there is also dedicated moments where I share all my postproductions techniques with you in order to get the best results out of your photographs. 



About Alexandre.


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