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  • How works the shipping?
    For now, delivery is available all across the United States of America and will soon be available in France.
  • What quality are the prints?
    We contineously try to add new planets in our list in our solar system to our galaxy and beyond so you can buy land from any planet.
  • Can I return the print after delivering?
    Alex, personally double check every single print to make sure there is no error. This is why there is no return policy for prints.
  • Is it secured to buy prints on this website?
    Your payment is completely secured on this website. Furthermore, your personal information remains strictly confidential.
  • Are all photos taken by you?
    Yes. All photos are taken by Alex. If it is not the case, it will be clearly specified in the print description.
  • What kind of animals do you take picture of?
    Since his childhood Alex is passionated by the wildlife, especially apex predators such as cougar, wolf, lions and reptiles. We clearly see a trend in his pictures for large mammals and reptiles, especially lizards. But Alex is always keen to learn new technics and observe new animals. All animals are wild.
  • What equipment do you use?
    Alex uses Canon camera bodies, mostly 5D Mark IV and 90D with Tamron lenses. To create unique pictures, he also uses various flashs, remote trigger systems etc. But after all, camera is just a tool. And the most important is to know your subject and its environment in order to create the best image you can.
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