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Immerse yourself into my artistic universe with my latest photographs, created over several trips in the wilderness. 

Having such piece of art in your interior is a perfect way to invite Nature into your home and enjoy all the benefits of it. 

A self-taught photographer, I see photography as a major art that allows people to express themselves differently and give a different perspective on things around us. 

History has shown that pictures can have a greater impact than any political speech. This is why photography is a constant quest to create the most powerful image that will serve a greater cause.

Holding a camera is more than just being ready to take a picture. You compose a unique image out of an ephemeral moment. Photography can also be a form of communication, to give a voice to those who can’t express themselves.

Being the father of a beautiful little girl, I'm using my art to give a voice to the natural world with the hope of protecting it for a better future for all children. 

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Having a limited edition print from one of my photographic series will add a touch of wilderness inside your home. To admire a piece of wildlife artwork definitely brings you closer to Nature. Hopefully, with it will come a better understanding and we will be able to coexist in harmony. I truly think that being surrounded by those majestic animals directly speaks to our ancestral roots and casts a sense of calmness to whoever is viewing it.

Black and white photography is timeless and gives a feeling of serenity, which is in total contrast with the urgency these animals are facing. For this reason, 10% of all sales will go directly to a local organization that support conservation efforts. To reflect the scarcity and the delicate balance of our natural world each photograph is printed into a limited edition of 10 images.

All prints are locally printed here in Flagstaff, Arizona. They are individually checked by myself before being shipped internationally.  


Take full advantage of 1-on-1 online coaching sessions to create impactful black and white images.

These sessions are based on trust so don't hesitate to ask me as many questions as you want in order to learn all the basics of wildlife photography within a few hours.

Available in French or English.

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