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Why Wildlife Photography changed my philosophy of life.

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Few things in my life, had such as big of an impact as wildlife photography. Wildlife photography changed my life.

Photography is another perspective to see what’s going on in the world around you. This is even more true with wildlife photography because we are trying to photograph a universe that we still barely understand.

To be a good wildlife photographer you have to know your subject, read books, spend time in the field, etc. The more you will learn on a subject, the more you’ll know about its environment and soon you will realize that everything is interconnected.

When you start to have this set of mind, a whole new world is in front of you. You have to be silence incarnate and you will start to hear new sounds, animals communicating. The plant you are stepping on is not just a plant anymore but a host for many animals or a source of food for others. Even the brutal act of killing can be something beautiful and exciting, like the fox hunting the rodent becomes a beautiful choreography with an uncertain ending.


Vincent Van Gogh

Wildlife photography teaches me patience in a hyperactive modern world. You have to take time to observe the surrounding Nature to find some signs of wildlife. Then, you wait for it. For this ephemeral moment where the animal you were looking for decides to appear, or not.

One thing that I certainly noticed is how you start to visualize the light in a scenery. Everything can become beautiful, especially with the proper light to exhibit it.

To conclude, being a true wildlife photographer, is not about the pictures. It’s about how you see Nature around you and how easily you can blend in, in order not to disturb its ancestral dance and fragile balance.

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