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Florida State : The paradise for Wildlife Photographer ?

2020 … What a year!

During this crazy year, my girlfriend and I had the chance to discover parenthood and now we enjoy every moment with our beautiful daughter!

Living off-grid in a trailer is quite fun but it’s also a daily challenge. It might be Arizona but we are over 7,000 feet in elevation, so winter is pretty cold; -15 degrees some nights. Like a couple of snow birds, we decided to spend the winter in Florida, the state my partner is originally from.

My first impression going to Florida was,

«Wow ! There is a s*** ton of people living here! »

And the second one was,

« Wow ! There is also tons of wildlife living here! »

Florida weather is warm and sunny … a good combination to attract humans but it’s also a prosperous environment for wildlife to thrive.

During my first visit in the previous summer, there wasn’t a single day without seeing a cool pigmy rattlesnake tightly coiled, a giant alligator basking in the sun or cute tree frogs singing in the warm morning after a heavy rain.

Even in winter, Florida is full of birds, migrating or not! Ospreys, bald eagles, king fishers, pelicans, hawks, vultures … the number of different species here is literally insane !

So, after reading this article you might ask yourself why I posted so few pictures on my Instagram account … Well, unfortunately for me, I’m not a huge birder and neither am I a herper.

Nevertheless, I have to admit that it’s always a real pleasure to observe alligators in their natural habitat. They look so serene and are definitely the kings and queens of these swamps. Hopefully it will stay the same despite the gangrening rampant human-development in Florida.

To sum it up, Florida is definitely worth visiting from a wildlife and nature point of view…What a unique ecosystem it has! Sometimes it feels like you are not even in the United States. If you are thinking of taking pictures of the local wildlife, you better get a huge telephoto lens for those birds or a cool macro lens for the abundance of reptiles and amphibians that call Florida ‘home’.

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