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How to display your print

In photography, a powerful piece of art requires an inevitable three steps process: creating the photograph, printing the image and framing the picture. 

This last part is yours to play! 



Monochrome images have a huge advantage. Based on their absence of colors, they can easily fit in anyone's interior and to stick to this concept, I would highly suggest to choose a black or very dark frame made of real wood.  A nice and thick white mat board would bring some extra dimension around the image and naturally draw the eye into the picture framed. 

The glass quality can also be something you should look into. If the print is directly exposed to sun light and/or doesn't have a proper lighting, I would recommend to use a museum grade glass in order to protect your fine art print from UV but also drastically reduce reflections and therefore being able to enjoy your photograph in any conditions. 





If the prints tends to be more on the darker side, a light colored wall will make it stands out and vice versa if your fine art print is bright. You should also try to pay attention to the lighting in the room where your piece of art will be display.

All the prints are calibrated to museum standards with a direct lighting. In this case, if you don't have a direct lighting for your print, I would recommend a room naturally bright with a lot of natural light in order to get the most of your limited edition print. 

The ‘rule’ to properly hang a frame is to have the center of the photograph be at 57 inches (145cm). This reflects the standard eye-level found in any museum and give a more immersive experience to the viewer.

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